Monday, August 17, 2009

Letter Received 08/12/09

Hahaha ya I heard about that thought you would like it. But my companion is great he was sick for four days and didn't tell me I felt bad. Um food we ate at the bishops and his wife made us a cake that had tofu frosting freaking gross. But um ya brother Muggah called us and talked about how he thinks he is a 3 Nephite nothing new with him I guess haha. Sis Billard another less active told us she is gonna die like 4 days in a row crazy lady. Haha but ya I sent the memory card last week its mostly just the mtc. Oh I ran into someone that knows grandma and grandpa Davis. I got a nickname as well its Angel this lady is losing it and cant remember are name so she gives us nicknames haha I don't know about Angel but w/e. But Tuesday I was just thinking about stories of people tracking down missionaries and I thought for sure that will never happen here. Thursday comes and our dinner appointment got cancelled so we were standing in a store since we ordered pizza and out of nowhere this guy comes up and talks to me about how he wants to meet with us. Hopefully he calls us he wouldn't give us his number but it seems promising. So that night I am saying night companion prayer and I said thanks for letting us meet Anthony. At the end of the prayer my companion said his name is Max. Hahah ya woops. But today we did dodge ball and my district picked out outfits for each other and all of them included short shorts i will have to get a pictures of it for you. But anyways I got to go hopefully you get my letter soon I can't seem to get my library card since I have no proof yet of living here.

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