Wednesday, October 28, 2009

letter recieved 10/280/09


Elder Willis and I have had a good week. We talk alot about how awesome Arizona is and,will sometimes for fun debate this with certain members in our ward. We have not gotten anyone yet to agree with us but we will keep trying. But this week I am pretty tired. Elder Willis is known as being two things one a work horse and two a super fast walker. So he has destroyed me in the last few days. But its all cool we have been finding alot of people we both decided that we wanted to step up and start knocking a whole lot more. So we committed to knocking 4 hours a day. And we started on Saturday and have found 14 new contacts and 5 of them are investigators. So its been a really tireing but killer awesome week.Tell Colburn I believe last I checked he was banned from the MTC for trying to surf down the stairs using his bed as well. That is to funny what you did to Doug Beebe. But yes I am still in Sackville so just keep sending them to the apartment. I was able to buy some shoes last week and some cool hats, wool socks, and I need to get some gloves still forgot those. But before I go I was going to tell you I sent you my memory card the other day so you should be getting that soon. Its got the pictures of some trees and some other stuff and the wedding that I went to so hopefully you like it. But talk to you later.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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