Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Letter to the Beebe Family 10/21/09 (good thing they share with his mother)

Beebe family,

Fall is here which is crazy to think all the leaves are changing and I always forget my camera don't tell my mom she will kill me. But my dad was telling me about your great house and how spooky it is. If you can send me a picture I love seeing things like that. As for walking into the kitchen and seeing a crazy looking guy. One night I got up and we had our balcony door open to make it cooler in our apartment. Well I woke up and need to go get a drink. So I walk into the kitchen half awake and see something dart in from the door. So I was like ok that is not cool I am kind of scared now. So I grab a broom stick and walk over by the door. And it was a cat that decided to come in. So yes I got pretty scared as well. Disneyland is always a blast and I am glad to hear you guys had a great time. My mom was pretty jealous of you. As am I. I think when I get home we should all go together it would be good trip to go on. I am always bragging to everyone I meet how kick but our ward is in baptisms as well as member missionaries. Its hard to go from a ward like that to a ward where its just not something members do or to be honest care about. But yes we do trade ties I have a strict restriction on the blue tie Doug gave. Everyone knows if they ask I will straight up refuse. But its really not necessary for you guys to send me ties you have already done alot for me. And I would feel bad to ask for more. But thanks so much for writing me and putting Dougs two cents in. Haha you are seriously one of favorite letters to read you guys rock and take care.


Elder Davis

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