Wednesday, July 28, 2010

letter recieved 7/28/10


Whats up? I am glad to hear that it sounds like you had a lot of fun in Colorado. This week was pretty good it was hot and had some rain. But other then that it was a normal Nova Scotia week.
That is to bad that Ladybug (anslea's dog)died ,but a plus could be is that you won't have to hear her bark everytime someone knocks.
This week was a lot of fun though we had district meeting, And of course Elder Smith( he loves to tease this elder) is there and I did give him a hard time. So his companion is telling us about how he taught him the five waves right. He said he taught the the double shooter. Then his companion says Elder Smith did the double shooter to a car full of girls. I was laughing so hard. So of course I go on to say easy shooter. He got embarrassed and was like Elder Davis I swear its not true. It was such a good time I just kept shaking my head and saying Elder stop ok you just got to stop flirting and trying to get girls your here to baptize not to date. So needless to say it made my week.

But this week was Zone Conference and we had a lot of fun there it was an awesome time. President taught a lot about eye of faith. It was a good training. We also were able to knock into a guy named Jason who was taught six years ago and then moved and the missionaries lost his info so he just dissapeared so we knocked into him and he let us in and we taught him. We also were able to teach a lady named Anna who is going out of town this week, But said next week she would come to church with us. So its been fun we have been able to go and talk to a lot of people and get some lessons so hopefully things continue to go well and we continue to find and then baptize. But thanks for everything mom love ya tons.



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