Wednesday, November 24, 2010

letter recieved 11-24-10 Man I love this Kid


Whats up things here are good. It snowed then now its freezing rain which is just weird the weather here makes no sense at all. Anyways I drove for my first time in a flurry storm holy crazy I thought I was going to die.Luckily I made it out OK and am still alive and didn't get in any accidents.
So lets see last week in church I gave a talk on genealogy don't ask me why they picked a missionary to give a talk on that makes absolutely no sense to me at all. So I get up and had no idea what to say for once. It was interesting I kind of thought it was the stupidest thing you could ask a missionary to speak on. But whatever life goes on and I gave the talk mostly heavily relying on Elder Nelsons talk since I had no idea what to talk about myself.
Oh yeah I got my first case of food poisoning holy nasty. We stopped and at a restaurant after exchanges last week and things went fine. Minus all of a sudden the next morning after taking a shower I start gagging next thing I know I am upchucking yup nothing like stomach acid definitely sucked.
So this week we have as well just been trying to find a new apartment since our is gross and always smells and literally there is mold in the walls, most nuts thing I have seen by far. So our quest is now to find someone to teach as well as get a new apartment is quite an undertaking.

As far as everything else its been an uneventful week. I want to remind everyone of the importance of prayer though. When Aaron taught King Lamonis father he invited him to pray to know of the truth of things. Joseph Smith also prayed from both of these experiences we see the power of prayer. One example led to thousands of baptisms and the other led to the restoration of the gospel. Prayer according to Bible Dictionary it says "Prayer is a form of work, and is an appointed means for obtaining the highest of all blessings." So we must pray it is essential. Christ was the example of all things and certainly in prayer was he an example he prayed always good bad happy or sad. No matter the reason he prayed. It is the only way to talk to the Father. So if we want divine help we will pray and it will not be a burden but something that will become instinctive and natural to us in our life's. The times when things go the worst is during the times of your life you prayed the least. President Simpson said that your spiritual life will only be as good as your prayer and scripture life. So its simple pray. We all want more faith and faith is a blessing of obedience its a commandment to pray so do it and watch the blessings come. Anyways love ya tons talk to ya later.

Elder Davis.

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