Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just some of the wonderful blessings of a mission.


Its December holy cow could time go by any faster the months just fly by holy smokes!
So as for the lack of sleep. Simple you just put tin foil in your windows or you can get one of those things that put over your eyes. Anyways just ideas to think about. Its not healthy to not get sleep so make sure you get plenty.(I have had 2 overnights at kohls were I work part time)
I will definitely want some good Mexican food when I get home plus you know I was thinking that on the way home Mattas is right there and it would be so sweet to just stop by and eat there. I often have dreams about eating no joke. Plus I was telling grandpa I am not a fan of Turkey for whatever reason I just don't think it taste good at all. Everytime I eat here I am just like crap are you kidding me turkey why turkey. But that is ungrateful so enough of that.
So Dax happy birthday bro. What the crap you let Nicholas(one of Kyle best friends from the mission) teach the kids how to blow fire for some reason I am not to surprised that he knows how to do that. But yeah you will have to get some pictures. So with the craft are you still going to do the scriptures for them or just the picture of them temple. Anyways you should take a picture I never see these things well mostly cause I don't ask. (talking about Christmas gifts for his Mission President)

So what is new this week. Well we had a good week we were able to meet a sweet lady named Jackie she had a kid named Brad and she let us in and they both sat and listened we thought they were going to come to church unfortunately they were a no show so that stunk. But we will go back and work with them. We have met some other good potentials that we need to call and get over and teach some more so we are pretty excited about that.
So this week I was thinking a lot particularly after listening to a song that talks about a guy who was forced to carry Christ's cross. His name was Simon. I wasn't sure about this as I never recalled reading it. So I looked it up and sure enough its in Matthew 27 verse 32 and its so short all it says is "And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross." I thought it was interesting someone carried Christ cross. Why? Was it for Simon or was it for Christ? I am not completely sure who it was more for I assume probably both in very different ways. Elder Talmage said that they believe that later Simon came to be numbered among the believers so for him possibly it was his conversion. But what about for Christ? As I thought about this is what I came up with we know that Christ did nothing save it be for the benefit of the World. He was wounded and bruised by a whip into whose straps were woven metal and bone fragments and all this for our transgressions. He also bled from every pore which they say if we were to experience just bleeding from one pore we would faint from the pain a lone. Surely going through this he could of carried the cross. Again Elder Talmage said that the Soldiers wanted him to go faster so they grabbed Simon to carry it. Now then I believe it had to happen just as Christ had to know what it feels like to feel alone for we know he did feel alone on the cross according to Elder Holland. So I believe that this happened so he would know how we feel when we ask him to carry our burdens when we drop to the ground due to spiritual fatigue. I am not sure but it is something interesting to think about. I love the atonement I don't understand nor do I think I ever will fully understand I know its real the powers it has to release you from guilt and help you feel a peace and joy is something that is unmistakable and very very real. I love ya guys tons thanks for everything you have done for me.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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