Wednesday, December 8, 2010

letter recieved 12/8/10


So I did know that Teriney was coming. its great that they were able to surprise you MOM.
But I am sending some pictures of Zone Conference its was the first one I have ever done a training at got a little nervous. Then also sent a picture of a sweet sunset and also of Zone Leader Council. So I figured I would send those.
As far as talking to Dave ha who told you. He told me not to tell you. It was so funny though cause we were sitting there and all of a sudden a member comes and gets us and makes it look super serious so I was like what the crap? Hm.. this doesn't look like something good is awaiting around the corner. Then we get there and a member says Dave says to say hi so I started laughing and I was like what the crap? So then yes we were able to sit down and talk for a bit wasn't to long but it was a lot of fun well I was laughing pretty hard. I felt bad kind of took up all the time because as soon as I quit talking next thing I know bam he had to go so the member didnt' really get to talk to him. But yeah I did get to talk to him and apparently he broke as he told you that he talked to me.
So then the next after that we have Zone Conference and it went well we had a good training or at least I thought it was. It should of been it was put together by MTC department lol. Then that followed up with a talent show. And well lets just say I did my first play. Looked like an idiot as well. We did the Christmas Carol only a little modified to more a here and now setting. I couldn't do any of the lines without smiling cause well every time I would look out into the audience I would either see President or Elder Beus sitting there with a big oh grin. But anyways I was glad to get that over with. Then we sang some Christmas songs and the best was when we sang Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer. And it goes into the second verse and starts talking about how Grandpa was drinking beer and playing cards and I look over at President and he had the best look on his face. He just refused to sing. He sat there in silence and I am quite sure he was upset. So then the Christmas packages came in which for everyone that was there last Christmas this may have been the only reason we came again was to get these letters. It interesting I am horrible at writing hand written letters I actually despise writing them. But those letters definitely made my day and even made me tear up a little bit. So to everyone that wrote thank you.

I wish to especially say thanks to my brothers and sisters these were the ones that got me the most. I teared up as I read them. The compliments were perhaps the thing I needed at that very moment of my life. Thank you Anslea, Keaton, Dax, Devyn, and Alea for the letters you guys are great strengths and examples to me. I know it is a great blessing to have you in my life thanks for everything.

So life here is good. We are approaching the end of transfers. Next week will be week six crazy eh? Hopefully I don't get transferred no one wants to get transferred before Christmas. But only Tuesday will tell I guess. I hope you enjoy Teriney and her crazy family I am glad that she was able to surprise you and I can imagine it made your day. I always think it is funny how now all the surprises are on you. Never anyone else. I love ya tons thanks mom for everything.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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