Wednesday, December 15, 2010

letter recieved 12/15/10


So transfers are in and I am going to Halifax crazy eh! Never would of guessed. I thought for sure I was going to Newfoundland or Fredericton but I am going to Halifax so back to the Zone where I spent my first 13 months hahha. So it should be a lot fun. I am bit nervous I am getting doubled into the spot there. And training a new Zone Leader which will be fun maybe a little nerve racking though. Mostly though because I have never been doubled in. So this will be a really cool new experience and opportunity. I am not sure how long I will be there who knows it could possibly be my last spot but that could not even be the case it will be interesting to see what happens. I am upset though to leave here things started looking really good as last week we found four new investigators but I guess that is the way things go sometimes. Its also going to be hard I have to like this area where else do I get to make trips to PEI New Brunswick and Cape Breton Island all in one transfer. Its also hard because with the branch being so small you get to know a lot people and get to know them better then I have most members in other areas. In my other areas you would get to know one or two members but never would you get to know pretty much all the members really well. The other hard thing will be to leave and not be able to talk to Beus as much as I was here. So that is going to stink and hopefully somehow he can get moved to the Metro again so we can talk and go on exchanges again. So other then that today I will be packing/be a little nervous as to what lays ahead. The one comforting thing is at least this time when I get doubled in I won't have to worry about it being due to crappy missionaries as the last missionaries that were here are both really good. So I am sure things will work out fine and I am sure I will have a lot of fun.

Well this week was a good week. Transfers always make things interesting and exciting. But this week I wanted to say something that I realized is important to say and needed. I wanted to say thank you and I love you. Both you and dad. In a scripture sense I feel I have the parents of Alma the Younger. You guys loved me even when I was rebelling. And when it came for me to be humbled just as Alma's parents you guys were there helping me and still showing me not discust but love. At times when I thought I couldn't walk anymore and things were to hard and life wasn't worth trying to fight and keep going. You were there to give me the push I needed. You were there telling me I could keep going and despite how things are now they will be better. And they did always get better. So thanks you guys are unsung heroes. I am where I am today because of you. I know where I would be if you weren't for who you were. The thought of that makes me cringe at that thought of it. Well things here are good I am excited at what lays ahead. Thanks for everything I love ya. And talk to ya in a little over a week holy crazy.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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