Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Letter recieved 11/17/10


Whats up so sorry this email is coming in late and I will have to be fast so everyone else in the family sorry but I have to be quick.
But this week has been a lot of fun we have been in Leadership Training. Which is 9-4 everyday for the last 3 days I forgot to tell you this last week sorry I am sure you were trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
So some funnies of the training one there is an Elder that looks exactly like Clark Griswold and no joke I was laughing so hard when I was staring at him. I just kept thinking about the time that Clark comes in and says well good news guys I was just watching the news and they said they spotted Santa, then Eddie chimes in are you serious Clark. So of course while thinking about this I looked like an idiot cause I was giggling.
The trainings started off bad as we had two other Elders with us and some of them took long showers, so we were late. Of course due to being raised by you I was freaking out and was in a bad mood the rest of the morning wasn't good.
In the end all that happened was when I arrived President said Elder Davis your finally here and then drops did the Assistants tell you that you need to pick out the opening hymns and prayers which of course to top off the morning they didn't tell us. So yeah that was that day in a nut shell. But other then that it kept on going and President of course as usual made some good comments. One of the best was he called Sister Simpson up during a role play and had her play an investigator and his comment was she will probably kill me for this tonight. So we all laugh and he goes hahah no really she will. She just gave him the look it was awesome.

Serious side though we were able to learn a lot more. Here is the interesting thing this training happens every other month and its always the same stuff so this is the second time I have heard it. And the cool thing is I still walked away learning a ton of stuff from it. One of things that I liked the most is the fact we don't need to fix everything as missionaries we feel like we must solve every issue. Another thing was that it is OK to sit and be quiet for a bit while you think about what they said and try to listen to what the Spirit says. It was awesome we were able to apply me and Elder Gammell he has been out for a little bit and we were able to get hopefully a new investigator out of someone that came out trying to kick us off her door. So I am pretty stocked to continue to apply this. But I got to go I love ya tons talk to ya later.

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