Wednesday, August 18, 2010

letter recieved 8-18-10


So the week has been super funny. Lets start off with me and Elder Nicholas get here, And he says that we had an appointment with someone Elder Beus found but he didn't know him. So he goes and says do you want to knock it and talk to him. So I am like sure ,So I go up and a girl comes to the door. I was like hmm.. something is not right so I go hey is Tim here? She goes no Tim isn't here I don't know him at all then another girl comes up and was like Jade you didn't tell me two guys are at your door. So I was like whatever this is stupid this is a total prank. So the transfer started off right got prank ed right away.
Then Saturday was Elder Nicholas birthday but due to us being busy we went out to eat Friday we went to Jungle Jim's and I had everyone sing Happy Birthday he was so embarrassed. Then I also called everyone in the Zone and had them call and wish him a happy birthday.
Then Sunday comes and we get a call at 6 20 and were informed that we would be both giving talks in Sacrament meeting. It was crazy. Not the best wake up call by any means at all. Then after that we decide after dinner instead of brushing our teeth at home we will brush in the car so we are driving and Nicholas that punk starts trying to make me laugh by just snickering well anyways I drooled tooth paste on myself. But other then that nothing to crazy has happened well a lot has but just can't remember all of them right now. But we live in an apartment the town we live in maybe has 5000 in it at 9 everything is shut down its crazy. Oh yeah its cool I am PEI right now its crazy I forgot my cord for my camera so I can't email the pictures I took of the ferry ride over or of some of the other pictures but I will get it to you next week.

So as far as the work we do a lot of the same things I did before we still knock a lot. Al though because our Zone is in 3 different Provinces and we have 4 district leaders it requires more travel which is fun but hard due to you not being in your area for 3 days of the week sometimes. But its interesting the Lord has really blessed us Monday before we left we got 3 new investigators. Two of which I am sure will be baptized. Anna is one of them and she is older and has the read The Book of Mormon enough to highlight it like crazy. But we are going back over to her house tomorrow and we are going to extend the Baptismal Commitment we were going to last time but ended up getting kicked out due to her husband needing to go to the hospital. Anyways this week has been humbling I have learned a lot had fun but mostly seen a lot of blessing I am grateful for the Lord and him helping. Also for putting me with Elder Nicholas who has been teaching me a lot. But that is all for now love ya tons.


Elder Davis

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