Thursday, November 26, 2009

Letter to Grandpa& Grandpa Davis 11/25/09

Hey Grandma and Grandpa,
That is good to hear that Sister Postert was able to speak in your ward. I imagine she had alot of good experiences to share with you guys. A mission is alot of fun its different. I never thought I would be able to go a couple of days with out seeing a tv. But to be honest you just seem to notice its not there your just to busy.
Actually to be honest the weather here hasn't been to bad yet. It gets down to -5 but lately has been kind of warm, And only getting to 3 celsius at night.
I am bummed I can't here Jaces talk I am sure he will give a great talk and tell him I wish him the best of luck with Norwegian I heard it is pretty hard to learn that language.
But that should be fun for you to be able to go up and watch Lanae dance I didn't know she danced that I thought she did more singing.Thanks for your letters and give hugs for me to my family. Especially my mom and dad.
Love Elder Davis.

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