Wednesday, November 25, 2009

letter recieved on 11/25/09


Hey how are you doing? Things here have been really good. I am upset that I missed out on Buddy's talk I remember he did a really good job on his farewell talk so I can imagine that he did good on his homecoming talk. But give him my email address I really hate writing letters. In fact most letters I get I will sit there and look at forever not cause I don't want to write back its just the last thing I want to do is sit down and write a letter.
But Gary and Flow cancelled last week since he had the flu I am not to worried though they rescheduled that night as well. Its so funny the H1N1 is like a huge deal up here and I swear most people in Canada are mental cause they all seem to have it. But I honestly think its just there way of saying please go away.
But this week has been a good but bad week. At first it was horrible no one wanted to talk to us. But the last two days we have gotten 4 new contacts that told us to come back so hopefully they will turn out. During this last week we were dropped by 3 more people. But on goes life. I did get the packages thanks. The sweaters were nice, although the Brown one was a medium and didn't fit so I gave it Elder Willis. I was able to talk to Beus on Saturday which was way cool. But yes transfers come out Tuesday but they don't actually happen till Thursday. But I sent a package home of ties and some lunies. But anyways have fun enjoy Thanksgiving.

Love, Elder Davis

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