Thursday, November 12, 2009

Letter Recieved on 11/12/09

Hey dad,

Haha good old Trevor always getting to competitive and offending someone but at least he stands up and apologizes. But I forgot I signed Colburn up for the Elders quorum lesson I think if I remember correctly it was me and Doug that decided to do that one.
Dax flying over the handle bars all I have to say is only he could manage to do that. But I am glad to here he is doing ok. I remember the time he crashed his bike into a car. But I am glad to here you still have a job and it still gets busy here and there.
But mom was telling me about you getting the opportunity to go hunt which is way cool I am glad that you get to go do something that you love and enjoy while getting paid to do it. I wish the best luck with it.
But get this on November 6th and 7th it snowed over night isn't that wild its already snowing. And I finally go to see what -5 felt like. But then this last week it got hotter. So I guess it can decide what it wants to do here. But have fun and enjoy yourself hunting be safe and I love ya tons and thanks for always setting an example for me of how to be a hard worker. Love your son.

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