Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letter to Grandpa 11/25/09

Hey grandpa,
Thanks for keeping me posted. But yes mold is a disgusting thing. Its always in shower its crazy how fast it grows to.
But for thanksgiving as far as I know we will not be doing anything we already had zone conference. But we have boxing day here as well. And we were told we are not to knock that day since it is a family holiday.
But thinking on how much can one person be asked to endure. I think of Emma Smith. We all know what Joseph was asked to do and went through. But could you imagine being Emma you lose most of your kids at birth. And yet you see your husband heal many. You then spend months alone while your husband is sitting in jail. And you are not sure whether he is ever going to make it out with his life. Then after all this he is killed. And you are left with his mother and little kids. I don't know how she did it. But I imagine her faith could move mountains.
Its interesting all of us say we are followers of Christ. But when hard times come we lose our testimonies and fall. I myself have been guilty of this several times in my life. When grandma passed away it literally shook my testimony to the very core. To the point I fell but I thank my Savior everyday for being the good shepherd and coming after me.
But I will look forward for the John Benbow experience. Thanks for writing grandpa. Love your Elder Davis.

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