Friday, November 27, 2009

Letter to the Beebe Family 11/25/09

Doug and the Beebe Family,

Hey thanks for writing me this week. I didnt crack all the way,Colburn still thinks it is me I only cracked to my dad. I agree we have been helped more by the spirit to be guided on what to say.
That is way cool you were able to conduct for the baptism. Its fun to see a baptism of someone who was always ready and just needed that push to get things moving. I still remember going to your baptism the spirit was strong and I really enjoyed the experience.
There is times to be honest when I am so tired in the morning that I will read a entire chapter and not even know what I read. What I found that helped me is that I go through it and highlight things that I liked and then write a word or two about it. But yes the Book of Mormon for someone new would be hard as well as most things in the Gospel. When I am out here and most of the people in my ward are new converts, I notice how much I have to be thankfull for to be apart of the gospel my entire life. Its alot to learn but luckily the Lord doesn't expect us to get it over night. Learning is a eternal thing. Just do what you have been doing and keep praying and pondering on what you read and then the spirit will take care of the rest.
If you want to talk about being out of shape lets just start with me putting on 15lbs I don't know what is wrong with me. I sometimes try to tell myself that the scale is broken, Haha.
That is so cool that Jake bought a hat like that. I have one of those fur hats that uncle Eddy wears, Don't tell my mom. But most people laugh but that thing keeps your ears and face warm, And the drunk people get a kick out of it.
I can imagine that Jared and Colburn both present some good competition for the white elephant gift exchange. But I have a feeling you can beat them.
Oh by the way congrats on the trip to Hawaii I was glad to hear that everyone was able to pull it together. Which managers are going this year?
I think you should decorate like crazy and get the rock speaker and then what you do is. When you see someone walking you turn it up really loud to scare them. You should see me sometimes my companions get a kick out of me and dogs. The thing is though when I see a dog that can easily scale a fence I only going to naturely jump and position my companion between me and the dog. I told him straight up if a dog comes after us I will trip him. The other day we did have a dog try to bite us it was so scary I froze in place and about wet my pants luckily I realized it would be a good thing to run though. But if you have any questions ask me them and if nothing else talk to Colburn that guy knows alot. But I will look forward to coming home and seeing how much you have grown.

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