Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letter Recieved on 12/2/09

I am staying in Sackville its the craziest thing ever my new companion is Elder Olsen. Who is from Idaho and likes to cook. And wakes up at 6 to exercise so it looks like I will be exercising more now. I am excited to serve with him. He is the district leader as well, And seems like a really cool guy.
I need to write Travis and get him a tie I knew I forgot someone. Everything is going good here. We have a new investigator who I have never met and I know Elder Olsen hasn’t either so tomorrow when we show up it might be a bit of a shock.
But the blind side I heard that is a really sad movie but that it was really good. And did the kids like the Lunies? I thought they would its simple but just something fun and weird from Canada. But everything else is going good. It snowed yesterday for a bit but didn't stick. It’s nice it’s been like 5 degrees so it’s really nice to go walk in. But yes I do have an Uncle Eddy hat Elder Trump got me to buy one. I wear those and the snowboarding hats the ones with the strings that hang down. They are nice cause they cover move then just your head and ears. And the fur ones even cooler cause the fur makes the wind not as harsh. But I got go so talk to you later.
My address is still the same. And I will talk to you in a couple of weeks crazy eh.
Elder Davis

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