Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Letter Recieved 12/9/09

Hey mom,

So this week was good Elder Olson like I said just came from Newfoundland and all he ever talks about is Newfoundland and now I really want to go there. I am sure Nate wants me to go there as well because that is where all the moose are.
I saw Elder Beus finally and I feel bad cause from the time I met his companion I never liked him at all and he got mad at us cause Elder Beus and I set in the temple talking for I guess 45 minutes, to describe his companion I will just say he is from Mountain View. I told Elder Beus you were sending ties and he said to tell you thanks a lot and he can't wait to meet you.
American Money will work just fine I can just exchange it and if anything I will get a little more due to the exchange rate.
The new investigators seem good. I know that someone else is out here and I will show you why, President Simpson was worried that I was going to be upset since I was staying here another 6 weeks and in a letter he said this to me." I hope you are good with staying in Sackville. There is a lot there yet to be accomplished. Elder Olsen is a great Elder and you will come to love him and he you. Lets be believing and be not afraid. We can baptize. It can and will happen as we work hard, believe and keep the Lord engaged in this work." Thanks for all you do, President.
This week was mostly finding and dealing with transfers though which makes for a not as good of a week. But we will continue to knock and pray for the people we need to find and everything else will fall into place.
For the new Elder in your ward Mom get him something nice. As weird as it sounds he will never forget it. When I was new Rob and Cassie bought me a simple t shirt and I still wear it way more then anything else.Tell Elder Barker me having a D.L. for a companion just means I need all the help I can get not me being trained to be one. That is nice of them to ask about me. How is our ward doing with investigators?

I will get you a picture of the Uncle Eddy hat or will try to soon enough. I love that hat it makes me laugh inside every time I put it on.
I cant call on the 24Th that wouldn't work we have a little party we are going to go to at the Mission Presidents house.You actually will call me not me call you I believe when I have more details I will let you know.
But its been getting colder here to its now normally -6 and snow is on the ground and ICE!!! Yes I have almost killed myself like ten times now. I am sure by next week I will have a story about me eating it on the snow. Oh and the other day I finally drove which which was really weird for me and nerve racking.
But thanks for everything love ya tons,
Elder Davis.

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