Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Letter Recieved on 12/16/09

Ya actually the weather here isn't to bad yet. Its actually been pretty fun the snow has all melted so to be honest it hasnt been horribly cold. I will say that its been really weird when you breathe deep in it kind of hurts. I know this but yet I can't stop breathing in deep.
Tell the Beebe family that they already gave me to much and they don't need to do that and tell them thanks alot I am sure I will buy some ties. That is what I have been buying lately. I got Elder Farrance a sweet Nautica tie that I was kind of wanting but oh well he needed a gift or actually I needed to get him one since his mom bought me one.
I actually did meet Elder Hoffman this week I met him in Zone Conference. He is in Trumps zone. But Zone Conference was alot of fun.Please let everyone know MOM who sent me letters I really appreciated all the kind and uplifting words.
We were able to talk and Elder Nicholas who is an Ap and from Arizona well actually both of the APs are from Arizona Elder Stowell is the other Ap. Which is cool because then we have alot in common. So Elder Nicholas was talking to me and I told him to move me to Elder Trumps zone and then later let me serve with Elder Beus so he said he will work on it. So I am excited about that all though I doubt it will happen we will see though.
But that will be fun for the whole family to be able to do the Christmas Angel for Family Home evening .
But I am good I don't think you need to send anything for the time being. But anyways right now we are still just doing alot of finding and Gary is still sick which is not fun because we really need to get in and teach him. But bye for now

love ya Elder Davis.

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