Wednesday, December 23, 2009

letter recieved 12/23/09

Hey my weekend was really good it wasn't to bad with the weather to be honest when it was snowing it was alot warmer. But its actually warmed up and most of the snow is gone now. Nova Scotians say if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes, And its sadly true.Its no longer in the negatives.
This week has been good but hard. We taught a girl named Joana and she invited us back. As well as a guy named Josh and we got his number so we could call him after the holidays. But other then that it has been alot harder no one wants to talk to us. Because they are all now in a hurry. But it was fun this week we were able to go to a Nativity which the church puts on. And so its nice to see that and alot of people attend due to it being so well put together.
But the package did finally come thanks alot. Elder Beus liked the ties, he now is convinced he needs to do something for you which makes me laugh.
Ben said he was coming right? ( a high school friend he wants to talk to on xmas day)
I will keep dad in my prayers then I didn't realize that he wanted to do that. What does he have to do? But its almost Friday which is so crazy and I am pretty excited to talk to everyone. This week has been kind of weird. But until then be safe and I love ya. Elder Davis.

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