Thursday, November 12, 2009

Letter 11/12/09

My week has been good here yeah it did snow which was crazy and for the most part it just melted but at night it got down to -5 which is funny. But thanks for sending the packages. This week has been a really good one we have some investigators finally and it seems like the Lord is really blessing us. One of the investigators is Gary and we met him knocking and he invited us back but didn't show for his appointment so we were bummed about that. So we tried back two more times. And we went back a third time planning it to be the last and he was there and told us to come in. He then said that he knows there is a reason we kept trying to visit him and why we knocked into him. And he is searching for the the truth or also to get back on the right track. So we are way excited to have met him. Just from our first visit he was so worried about never talking to us and got our email addresses to keep in contact and wanted to write President and other leaders in the church to tell how great he thought we were. I didn't think it was that great but he is a funny guy I and pray me and Elder Willis will be able to continue to help bring him into the gospel. Also we met a guy named Renee who when we first knocked on his door his wife said he was sleeping and then pretty much shut the door, And the rest of the night people pretty much just slammed the door shut and wouldn't talk to us. So we were walking back to our car both tired and depressed when we walk by Renees house and he was standing outside but we both didn't think to much of it and then he invites us in so we taught him the Restoration and Saturday we will go back and teach him again. That night a member from our ward called and said that a former investigator who we didn't have record of called the church and has asked for us to come back so hopefully he will be ready this time. So the Lord really has put his hand in the work and its obvious because I have done really nothing and he has just given them to us. But that is all that is going on here.
I hope you enjoy Teriney and the baby. And just relax the airplane rides are not that bad just take a dramamine or whatever it is called and just sleep through it. Jake is still possibly one of the funniest guys ever. But love ya tons
Elder Davis.

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