Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Letter recieved 11-4-09

Halloween was nice we were asked to stay inside which was no big deal at all just meant that I got to go to bed alot earlier. Elder Willis is still kicking my but. I keep expecting to jump on the scale and see I lost weight but to my surprise it stays pretty steady and I just go up not down which is super crazy. I got the package the ties are awesome thanks for sending them to me I wish Canada had a Ross here. But oh well. President eyed the sour patch kids and I learned that he likes them as well but I wasn't about to share it with him.
I heard Anslea is driving around and stuff like that and from what I hear you are remaining calm. Its better then the days when I was learning and you just kept hitting me and slamming on the passenger side brakes. Haha just kidding. But I get the memory cards here after shipping and everything its probably cheaper for me to just get them.
I saw two 2 gigabytes cards for 17.99 at staples so I might just get those.

But the laugh of the day came from Keaton telling of Brother Sparks. Give him a high five for me. But everything is going good here the knocking is finding us alot of people to talk to which is always nice. Its funny now its getting harder to fit in the people and knock for 4 hours but we manage to make it work. I am glad you got those pictures to answer the question yes all that trash was in my apartment. It was in a room that when I first got there Elder Trump called it the junk room. And said we really needed to clean it. Well we finally decided to do it when President came in and asked us to clean it. But glad to hear everyone is doing good hopefully it will continue to stay that way. I can't complain from here. I so far have been a spoiled missionary I have had two killer companions and most don't get that lucky so I keep hoping for the best. I found out though that President has figured out what he wants to do with everyone of his missionaries up to February which is crazy. But talk to ya later.

Love Elder Davis

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