Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Letter to the Beebe's 11-4-09

Well what was the embarrassing story my mom told you I can't remember anynow?
But no its not all the Korean food thank goodness. Its a whole lot of like pork, chicken, roast beef and stuff like that. And every meal ends with cake, ice cream, pie, or a combination of all that stuff. And yes they make you eat like two or three plates and you walk away feeling like your going to explode.
But yes I heard from the some those pranksters that got your house haha it was pretty good. And I didn't know Doug was a Christmas light fan. But that is cool the temple has a ton of those. But ya last week I lost track of time so I didn't get to write my mom that was my bad good thing I am here right. But anyways the pictures were awesome I love seeing pictures of people. You guys looked awesome.


Elder Davis.

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