Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter recieved 9/29/30


This week was super fun with Elder Redford he is a good elder, good replacement for Elder Nicholas definitely miss Elder Nicholas though. Poor Redford the last few days is probably sick of hearing stories about when me and Elder Nicholas served together. So your taking Nicholas shopping eh? When does he get there? Did he randomly call you or what? You will love that kid though he is a super funny guy. He will probably rank as my favorite companion. We towards the end were told by people in the ward that we complimented each other really well, And they could tell that we got along well with each other.
So did I tell you Elder Redford is 6'4 good gosh he is so tall ha ha. What we do is we go to doors and say we are reenacting bible stories and today were doing David and Goliath and that I will be playing Goliath and Elder Redford will be David well after a while it dawned on me that these people truly thought that Goliath was the short one and David was the giant. So yeah that won't work anymore at all. But to be honest I have been nice to him haven't done any welcome to the area pranks like Nicholas did with me. Just been to tired to do it.
So this week we are in PEI doing exchanges which is always awesome because PEI is by far the most beautiful part of our mission. It all starts right with a awesome ferry ride to the Island which is an hour and a half long. Then you get here and you just see beautiful country side. And the Charlottetown apartment is a ocean view apartment which is super sweet. You wake in the morning and get to go jogging on the boardwalk its so awesome. Only not so cool thing is me seeing a skunk playing around up ahead which made it super like oh crap if I get sprayed I will be pissed so needless to say we turned around right there and made a jog back home. Which was cool cause on the way back we were able to watch a cruise ship pull in it was super sweet to see that. I went on exchanges with an Elder Burr he is super funny and way sweet Elder. Favorite saying from him has to be Satan sucks.

Spiritual side though we were able to get ahold of Rose and we are going to go see her Thursday since Monday she was busy with school so were still being hope full with her. Also here in PEI I was able to teach a younger guy from Nigeria. Super humble guy. He went back to Africa to visit and when he came home a lot of his stuff was stolen it was sad I felt really bad for the guy. So as we taught him he knew what made a prophet and he knew the power of prayer. So we went on to teach him and we in the end committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. To which he said I would love to read it but I don't where to get it. I was truly humbled by this but even more humbled by him being genuinely thankful for us giving him the book for free. We set up a return appointment and I am excited to see how things go with him. I know that Elder Burr will be able to help him and I am sure he will be baptized. Iyk is his name and man did he teach me a lot about how much I take for granted particularly the Book of Mormon. To him it was a gift but most my life to me it was a burden something I had to read for seminary all though I can't say I really did that either. It helped me realize truly how sacred and how much I should love this book my challenge is for everyone to look at the book and see it for truly what it is. Many don't have it and many may never read it. Anyways though I love ya mom thanks for everything take care enjoy conference crazy its already time for that.


Elder Davis.

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