Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter recieved 9/22/10


So the transfer is done and yes I am sad to see Elder Nicholas go. Unfortunately we had one more exchange to go on Monday and Tuesday so that took sometime away. But when we got back we shared some good laughs and then I started realizing holy crap he is leaving. So the rest of the day was more of a crappy day as I realized I was losing one of my best friends. It is good though he will do great things back at home and he served a good mission. He has truly taught me a lot about being a better missionary particularly finding joy in the work and being a better leader. His lessons will not be forgotten nor will the laughs. I will be flying a flag at half mask if you would like to join me. As for my new companion it is Elder Redford I know him pretty well and am excited to serve with him he will be a good replacement with Elder Nicholas leaving. Oh get this Elder Beus got transferred into the zone which is really cool I am excited due to the fact I will be able to go up and spend sometime with him at least once this transfer.

So Sara is almost ready to explode eh that is so cool tell her congrats for me. What is it going to be? And Eden is getting baptized holy crap I remember when she was just a baby and she would always come down the hall when I was playing the a game or something and then we would end up playing some sort of a game. But good for her and Issy I bet they are both excited is grandpa still going to baptize Issy then?

So Doug and the camp out that is freaking funny that he took his Ipod up there I am pretty sure that most of the camp outs that was a strict no no. But when your the boss who cares right. Did he say he enjoyed it though? Tell Ans that is super sick that she won that competition! How many people competed in it? How often is she going to be working for Karen now?

So this week was a pretty cool week. Thursday to Sunday we knocked a lot and I mean a lot. To the point I started going insane, And towards the end of the night Sunday we were walking up to a door and we were knocking in a little town called Eureka and we walk up to a door and a lady was there on the phone then got off. So that was super unusual normally they stay just so they don't have to talk to us or they fake a phone call. We then say hello and introduce ourselves and she says do you want to come in? After we came back to reality we were like of course we would love to. Then we went in and talk to her found out she use to investigate in Alberta and moved here two years ago and hasn't seen any missionaries since crazy right. But we decided to reteach her the Restoration. And at the end the spirit was there and we knew we needed to invite her to be baptized. So we extended the baptismal commitment and she said yes so the date is November 5Th I am pretty stocked she was just a really humble lady. It does amaze me though how the Lord makes you work as hard as you can and then when he sees you have done all you can he then blesses you. Its a lesson I hopefully don't forget in the future. But that is all for now everything is good here just a little sad to see a good friend go. But talk to you next week.

Love ya mom,

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