Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter recieved 1/27/10

Hey Dad,

That is crazy that there is that much snow and rain. I don't know what is up. I come here and its the warmest winter they ever had and Arizona has the craziest winter you have seen. But oh well maybe I just bring the heat who knows.
Hopefully things go well with your interview with Eco Lab. I keep you in my prayers I know the lord will provide and lead you to the best thing. I was listening to Elder Hollands talk None were with him. Its amazing the whole message. To often we think we are alone and forgotten. Since my mission there has been countless times were I have felt that, And every time with out fail I am reminded that the lord is with me and watching over me.
Thanks for every thing you taught me I know I say it alot but I truly mean it I love ya tons you were and still are a great father.
Elder Davis.

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