Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Letter recieved 1/6/10


Well this week was kind of crazy we met some more new investigators. One of them named Amy, We were able to teach and get on committed to quit smoking. Tomorrow we will be taking over the stop smoking program. She has had a hard few years and her current life style now is a way to deal with it,but that will change soon. She ran into us four years ago in Halifax and moved then we knocked into her Monday and she thought it was very cool and crazy that we met her again.Some of our investigators were not there for the appointment or forgot which is a typical thing for here. The sad thing is sitting here and complaining about it, Just made me realize the importance of daily contact with them. So now I will work on that.
Its to bad to hear about Aunt Barbara. But it is to funny the comments that Nate and Uncle Curtis made not to surprising though coming from either one of them.
The snake story is disturbing and a reason to why I hate snakes so much.
That is cool of Elder Farrance to write you he is a funny kid if you couldn't tell from the letter. As for the stuff in it most of its not true other then we get along. He is the one the that is a great missionary. He makes me laugh keeps things spinning here for now which is good and refreshing.
A sad and disturbing fact is that it is snowing right and tonight I will be driving in it YIKES. Thanks for the stuff you sent out and thanks for the support.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis

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