Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letter Recieved 1/20/10


So the mouse story is super funny. I can just hear the way bishop would say it to. He always had that funny way of saying things.
How has everything else been for you guys this week? Well crazy news is that myldsmail is going to be gone the church made a contract up with google so we will be getting new email accounts. I have to set up and will tell you the new address next week. But for the zip code its not d2v its b2v the other Elder hear told me the wrong thing or I just miss heard him.
This week was way cool we had a dinner appointment every night. I love this ward its super sweet. I must admit though I am not sure if its the ward or just serving with Elder Beus that makes it seem so sweet. But anyways we will be dropping a lot of dinner appointments soon. President wants to try out that new schedule I was showing you last week. He said that he noticed that every mission that gave something up doubled their baptisms. So quite possibly we will get rid of dinner appointments all together. He has a couple of other zone leaders trying it out and is going to see what we all think of it. Then he will make his decision. But that is cool that dad seems to have a good job opportunity coming up hopefully everything goes well with that.
Anyways right now in Cole Harbour me and Elder Beus are finding again. Which is cool we found a cool lady the other night named Patricia and along with her we have 2 more appointments tomorrow night. So things will go well. We just got back from lunch with President and we got him to agree to leaving us alone and not splitting us if we get 1 baptism a month so that is for sure our goal now. But anyways
love ya tons. Elder Davis.

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