Monday, June 13, 2011

Letter recieved 6-13-11 BEWARE PRETTY GRAPHIC STORY


So this week I have been sick not fun at all. My voice left so it literally sounded like I was going through puberty I was like are you kidding me. This is just enough. So I decided to rest and then Sunday I thought I was good woke up and went to get in the shower to get ready for the day got out and just up chucked it was so gross. I ended up throwing up just mucus it was so gross I just stared and thought man that was a lot of mucus in my belly well it really wasn't just mucus but it sure did look like it. So that was kind of crazy just being sick and what not. But it has caused me to do some really weird things like just saying stupid things in lessons like asunder when there was no need for me to say the word. Or getting ready to quote the first vision and just going blank so I completely butcher and the great thing was that the investigator had no idea lol. In her mind it was completely right. Elder Unger was like Elder how did you get away with that. I was like well I just realized she doesn't know what I am supposed to say so well if I just present well and pray the Spirit is there well then in her mind it will be just as beautiful. So anyways things here have been funny and getting crazier then ever. I am hoping that today I will get some rest so that way I won't be so sick during this upcoming week. But we will see what happens. Anyways yesterday we went to a baptism of a kid in the ward there was a couple of non members so we had time to do a presentation. And we decided to do it on the presentation. But you know I have to make people laugh so I got up and said that we were going to act out the story of David and Goliath. It got some good laughs. But well now most members call me David lol.

So this week was good Scott, Katie, Jason, and Carson were able to come to both Church and the baptism. The members in this branch are amazing always willing to help out with missionary work in whatever way they can. Next Steven and Nicole who we met Monday came to church as well. And they agreed to be baptized on July 23 which is yes a week after I leave but I do know that it was day that God has prepared for them. So it is good despite us being sick and not being able to work much we have still been able to see a lot of miracles. A cool thing that I learned was a bout Nephi the first one. We all look at him and see someone that was goody good right well that is not good wording he was someone that was always obedient. And never seemed to complain and was always willing to just do whatever. Well in verse 16 it says this "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, being exceedingly young, nevertheless being large in stature, and also having great desires to know of the amysteries of God, wherefore, I did cry unto the Lord; and behold he did bvisit me, and did csoften my heart that I did dbelieve all the words which had been spoken by my efather; wherefore, I did not frebel against him like unto my brothers." The high lighted part is of course the part I wanted to point. Out he first had to pray unto the Lord for and then as he did this he became the Nephi we know today the one that taught us obedience and the one who never rebelled against his father. So my challenge is always pray unto the Lord so that he to can visit you and soften your heart help you believe all things.

Well I love ya tons talk to ya next week.

Love ya,


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