Monday, June 6, 2011

Letter recieved 6-6-11


Hey whats up? So this week there is a couple of funnies. Well the first we got a van again yes laugh it up. But I love the van the thing is so fast. Literally I can normally get to the white line before the other people even touch the white line. It was so funny Elder Unger was so embarrassed. He is from California right so these aren't big. I was like well Elder the thing is I would care but really its not like were picking up girls man so no need to worry about that. Then as I pulled up to an area to knock I was like oh boy I see the downfall to the van we look like a couple of pedophiles I was so embarrassed at that point so when we knock we just kind of hide the van so that way people think when we ask to teach they don't think they need to grab their kids in fear.
But in all honesty I really don't mind I am just glad we don't have to walk or worse ride bikes. You know how much I hate bikes remember how hard it was for you to get me up to do the Bicycling merit badge. I really didn't like that. And I might add I remember people saying well you will like so that way when you will be used to when you have to do it on your mission. Many thought in anger I said no I will not ride bikes on my mission. But I think I may have been a bit prophetic. I don't know maybe its really just that the Lord really cares about me and knows I hate stinking bikes.

Anyways so next funny is me wondering around Walmart asking what to get a one year old. And so this really nice lady is just taking me through the toy section. Being the dummy I am I go so you mean to tell me that its not good to get him Lego's. She likes oh no that is definitely not good he could swallow it. So I was like well crypes now of these toys even seem fun to play with. Then realizing she thought I was serious I go I am just kidding I am sarcastic by nature. She did one of those fake laughs ya know. And I thanked her for her time and suggestions. (one of his investigators son turned one his name is Jason. As for legos oh boy he fed his baby cousin pieces of a snicker when he was 6 months old, cuz he wanted some)

So that brings me to the cool point Jason turned one which was never ever supposed to happen. It was super awesome to see that. We have been talking more to Scott and found some concerns that will take some time but he will still get baptized. Another miracle of the week is that the Harrison's are agreeing to be taught again. Well I mean the Elder set up a time to go and meet with them. And so I am super excited we had a special fast Sunday for them. It would honestly make my mission if they got baptized. When they get on date I will definitely be begging President to go to the baptism. The next is that the Lord led us to six new investigators. Which is the most in one week in any area I have ever picked up. So hopefully things go well we will have a great week a head of us. Their are some really cool ones like Samuel he is from Kenya had to flee Sudan when his family became Christian. He had such a hard life. But the coolest thing he said was I will read this book in a week because I know that God didn't send you here for nothing. Plus its better then watching TV lol. His priorities are so much better then mine its amazing. But he has a problem because he doesn't see the need to be re baptized so we will work with him on that. As well as we met a sweet lady named Amanda and we will be going back Wednesday to meet with her and her husband. And we we have enough time to still go out and work and find more people. Truly this week has been one where I have sat back and thought why or how. I don't know the answer to either. But I am grateful to my Savior and my Father in Heaven who allowed this to be. We have both been trying to always ask and expect a miracle and has we have done truly the Lord has done many great things for us.

Anyways mom enjoy girls camp you will do great with teaching the lesson just be prayerful and the Lord will tell you what to say of that I am sure. The girls love ya because you are real, down to earth and they know you care for them not because your a scriptural genius.

Love ya tons though,


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